The Office of Douglas Peters Architect specializes in single family, small multi-family, and commercial projects.  The office is a single proprietorship with Douglas Peters designing and documenting the project himself.  This approach allows a client a one on one experience with the office leader making an exclusive and tailored experience.


Douglas thanks each and every client, team member, colleague, engineer, and contractor which together developed this work.  He is eager to continue past and new relationships to help clients and the citizens of these neighborhoods solve their problems and meet their goals.


Douglas believes true creativity is solving a problem without any preconceived notion of a style of design, therefore not forcing an aesthetic choice in the solution.  Each and every problem has its own distinct challenge, and therefore will have a different solution or style.  Douglas' personal goal is to design and document a space that inherits the client's story and their needs with purity and honest to their needs.



Douglas Peters is more than, '>', an Architect.  He is very interested in solving problems/puzzles via creative and straight forward solutions.  Douglas is also very interested in Construction, City Planning, and the Arts.  But more importantly, he continually hears from colleagues, consultants, contractors, and clients that they consider him a trusted friend and a service-oriented professional.


Douglas is a licensed Architect, member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), and LEED-AP (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)  with nearly 20 years of varied professional experience.  Douglas has developed strengths in all phases of design and management from small to large-scale commercial, cultural, residential projects, and planning projects.


For a comprehensive Resume and Portfolio of all projects, please click the link for a separate website:



Douglas is highly motivated and an active member of the Architecture community.  Douglas attends many lectures, seminars, and Art/Architecture events to enhance his knowledge and experiences.  Douglas enjoys spreading the optimism that Douglas believes is essential in Architecture in all of his projects.


Douglas has experience within a variety of office sizes: having his own practice to working in a single proprietor’s office, a mid-sized firm where he was an Associate, and working for larger firms; RTKL and Gensler where he is a Senior Associate.  Douglas has worked on small to large projects in all phases.  This work has included Graphic Design and Furniture Design.


Douglas believes that Architecture + Planning is one of the highest art forms.  Douglas uses hand sketches and physical models through all phases of a project.  Douglas throughout the process never forgets the design intent when solving or communicating a solution.  Douglas has experience with a variety of computer software and Douglas can quickly expand his skills to find the most efficient way to represent an idea.










For a comprehensive Portfolio of all projects Douglas has been involved with over the years please click the link for a separate website:

Glyndon Residence | Venice, CA

North of Montana Euclid Residence | Santa Monica, CA

Fraiser Residence (New)| Santa Monica, CA

Office TI | Westwood, CA

Desert Cabin | Yucca Valley, CA

Pre-Fab Residence | Joshua Tree, CA

Douglas Peters, Designer (prior to DP>a)

Erlik/Bieber (Schindler Restoration) | Hollywood, CA

Arnold Residence (Addition) | Los Angeles, CA

Friedman Residence (Addition) | Los Angeles, CA

Holmes Residence (Addition) | Venice, CA

Simmons Residence | Los Angeles, CA

Stevens Residence (Addition) | Newport Beach, CA


Location:  6055-6085 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Client: Siren Studios

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


Given 1 week to complete the Master Plan/Programming with renderings, schematic floor plans, and area tabulations for a new multi-media campus on nearly 2 acres in the heart of Hollywood with nearly 130,000 new square feet of new building.  The client’s only program was two new photo studios, one sound stage for film production, recording studios, any support rooms, and a parking garage.  The automated, robotic, 180 car parking garage is the center of the project and feeds the rest of the campus both as stimulating backdrop, via views from the street as well as the studio entrances of the moving vehicles as the cars are being stored, and the solar panels that would feed electricity to the studios.  Through past experience as a set designer and art department assistant, innovative space allocation was used for the integration of different parts of the production team.  Ease of circulation for vehicles, trucks, and people was a major concern, especially in busy Hollywood.  Also integration with the new 4-story studio, also designed by Douglas Peters, was vital to make a cohesive campus while still creating separate and distinct structures.


Location:  2403 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Contractor:  HAS Construction (310) 391-8434


This was a remodel to home a several years earlier designed while working with DesignARC.  The client wanted to add some of the originally value engineered items back into the project, along with redesigning the entry to the home and a new opening to the side yard from the lower level bonus room.  The largest value engineering item was the west facing ocean view windows.  The client wanted the largest window with the smallest profile possible.  Several manufacturers were considered with Weiland Window chosen.  During construction the scope increased with consideration of the interior design, adding wood ceiling finish, revising the entry, new paint colors, and revising several millwork pieces.  The home now opens itself up to the ocean view, with a rich modern beach front bungalow feel.


Location:  4574 W. Adams, Los Angeles, CA

Client: Kathryn Jacobi and Randy Holland

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


A vessel to control light and embrace creativity.  The client required just north light to enter the studio for their sculpting and still-life painting.  The single 50’x135’ parcel located on the south side of West Adams Blvd within the Arts District had an existing single story unreinforced brick retail building, requiring a Change of Use, and a surface parking lot.  The client envisioned an addition that respected the existing building while having a new character.  The saw tooth roof facing north would allow two sets of north facing clerestory windows providing even light throughout the day and a good armature for future solar panels.  The small parcel had the challenge of a 2’ Highway Dedication running along its long side, west, and the City’s Commercial Corner Lot Ordinance.  These two requirements made the development impossible without a Conditional Use Permit, applied for, to remove three conditions of the corner lot; an additional 5’ landscape setback, no tandem parking allowed, and 50% of the street level must be clear glazing (two large artist created landscape wall trellises were proposed in lieu of windows).  The addition is a good neighbor and allows the Arts District to grow.


Location:  2403 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Contractor:  Contractor:  Steve Doyle Builder,  (310) 625-3676


This was a remodel to create a budget minded and timely intervention to an existing duplex at the busy intersection of Main Street and Abbot Kinney.   The clients had thought they may use the units as a production office and artist studio.  However the existing units were chopped up into many small spaces with low eight foot ceilings.  Controlling the light and providing new ceiling height was a major goal.  Light monitors could satisfy both of these goals.  But the monitors needed to twist from the sun and could bounce the light to create balanced even light.  The existing partition walls were to be removed only leaving the core bathrooms.  The ceiling plaster would be removed revealing the roof framing and building utilities.  A new courtyard carved into the building created a link and much needed protected outdoor space.  New galley kitchens and open loft studios would provide much needed space.  A new seemingly random fence design would freshen up the exterior.  The exiting mansard roof would also be removed  New polished concrete floors would bounce light from the light monitors into the space making for an inviting work and/or living space.


Location:  2403 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


Putting a twist on the standard Venice Bungalow, this duplex tries to take advantage of a narrow and odd shaped lot located at the busy intersection of Main Street and Abbot Kinney.  Traffic lights and noise were a major concern.  The stair tower and hallway were used as a buffer.  The lot at its widest was 26 feet and at its narrowest 20 feet.  The client’s intention was to create a ground floor artist loft with two 1,000 sq.ft. residences above.  The ground floor could not contain the commercial use alone, but could as an artist-in-residence.  So the first floor and second floor were combined.  The third floor unit would have the advantage of views and vaulted ceilings.  Taking advantage of the angled site, the roof form bent out from a hinge point tweaking the elevation to create an abstract gable roof.  Taking advantage of the temperate beach environment was also a design concern.  Metal Screens would shade the southwest and southeast facing windows.  The project would have required a front and rear yard variance, matching the prevailing setbacks of the neighboring properties.  But the timing and economics just did not allow the site to be built out to its full potential.


Location:  Joshua Tree, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Owner: Blue Sky Homes


Blue Sky Homes’ founder had purchased several rugged parcels in the upper desert near Palm Springs.  The rugged terrain and remote location made building homes difficult.  Also finding skilled labor to construct a modern home with his need for strict tolerances made the construction expensive.  But founder, while visiting a friend in Santa Barbara, witnessed a metal barn being erected in a day and thought, this could be a home.  The fabricator, FCP, of the barn had already explored this by using his pre-fabricated mezzanine structure, a galvanized light gauge steel structure used to create new space in factories and warehouses.  He had tested the system for seismic and found it surpassed the seismic loading with just a small pad footing at each column base, so no need for spread footings or grade beams.  This allowed the structure to sit lightly on the land and made the walls non-bearing allowing for endless configurations.  The above scheme envisioned three phases for a buyer, first a cabin in which the living room was also used as a bedroom.  Then other modules could be added creating a prefabricated vacation retreat.


Location:  1757 N. Curson Ave, Hollywood, CA

Office: (started at DesignARC) Douglas Peters>designer

Original Architect:  R. M. Schindler

Contractor:  Owner

Photos: Julius Shulman, 1950 and 2005

Published (New):  Schindler by MAK- 2005 Book pg119

Film (New):  Schindler’s Houses- 2006


To restore this Schindler designed residence, 55 years of neglect and 1,800 sq. ft. of additions were removed.  The owner and later acted as contractor, purchased the home to ensure it was not lost.  Utilizing documents drawn by Schindler, via U.C.S.B.‘s Archive, along with documents describing the additions, revealed the original 1,175 sq. ft. residence shrouded within.  Countless measurements of the existing conditions began to reveal many of the 1950 walls were intact, but many of the finishes did not survive.  The lack of authentic finishes brought the idea of adapting the residence to today’s modern finishes and conveniences.  During the design process a new addition or guesthouse was considered, but quickly it was realized that it would intrude into the holistic design Schindler had envisioned.  Julius Shulman returned to the home he had photographed 50 years earlier, a fitting tribute to this restoration.


Location:  Yucca Valley, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


This project's site was inspiration for Blue Sky Homes’ founder David McAdam for an alternate construction system to reach these rugged parcels in the upper desert near Palm Springs.  This concept to preserve some of the natural vegetation and rock formations and build the cabin around these features while utilizing the natural slope of the site.  This also allowed for two separate bedroom wings around the tree while the garage is tucked under giving ample decks to take advantage of the desert views.


Location:  2233 Glyndon Ave, Venice, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Contractor:  Contractor:  Steve Doyle Builder,  (310) 625-3676


A new family friendly home that maximized the property and fit into the neighboring Venice bungalow homes was the design direction put forth by Steve Doyle.  The design utilized the overall spatial layout of his own Venice bungalow home, on a much narrower lot, but completely re-organized and reoriented to the sun and existing landscape.  The new organization considered how to ease the daily rituals of domestic life while creating flexibility for the ever-changing needs of a family.  For example, the first floor guest room and office, with its own exterior door, had an interior door header installed between the two separate spaces allowing to create a future guest suite or “granny flat”.  And a loft off the bedrooms looking down onto the living room gave children a place to study while not isolated in their bedrooms, or a second office. The footprint, approximately 3,500 sq. ft., was a basic box allowing for efficiency, but the front and rear elevations where enhanced with a push and pull of the facades.  This push and pull created a sense that the home had been added onto over time making it seem as if it had always belonged to that neighborhood.


Location:  Westlake Hills Drive, Columbus (Tipton Lakes), IN

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


The retirees found a one acre lot along a steep slope of bank with a small canal that connects a series of lakes in Columbus Indiana.  The neighborhood had minimum buildable areas that had to be achieved and the lot had a distinct dog leg which opened up to the canal and a view of the lake beyond.  The clients asked for a 3 bedroom 2.5 baths on the first floor with a home office and great room.  Along with with a walk out basement with its own full bath.   Three distinct schemes of approximately 5,500 sq.ft. of Living Space and an over sized garage for boat storage were devised each taking cues of views and how one lives in an ranch.  Does one live in a rambling almost mid-century were more of the spaces get to take advantage of the views and yards, or does one make a more contemporary home approach of a tight bx that has a more limited amount of exterior surface area which is more efficient to both build and condition.  All three schemes were looking to expose the natural materials and mirror the environment it was placed.

Location:  1050 Orange Dr., Hollywood, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Interior Designer:  dMar (Mollie Ranize)

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A new face and expansion for Siren Studios, a photography Studio and equipment rental company.  The existing 12,000 sq. ft. two bay Auto Body Shop located between the busy La Brea Ave and Highland Blvd. is in the heart of Los Angeles’ district of independent sound stages.  The project required a Change of Use, ADA improvements, new restrooms, and a fully functional sound stage and rental warehouse.  A new 65’x100’x19’ cyc wall was designed to be used to create endless space and green screen effects.  The north bay along Santa Monica Blvd would house the rental warehouse, and required a new 16’x14’ exterior opening and delivery ramp.  Internally, Siren had already started calling the location Siren at Orange, referring to the street address.  Siren wanted their clients to recognize it as a Siren stage but remember its location through an orange theme.  Douglas Peters created an off balanced orange ‘O’ that wrapped the corner of the façade.  This created the illusion of only a swooping curve from the side and then only when looking southeast at the corner would the full logo reveal itself.  The new façade brightens the corner and playfully engages the public.


Location:  1347 Hill Street, Santa Monica, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect

Contractor:  Steve Doyle Builder,  (310) 625-3676


Within the heart of Santa Monica's residential neighborhood, a couple were searching for the possible expansion and a small Art Studio to be attached to a new garage.  Given the allowable lot coverage several concept options were produced with a Schematic Design that added about 750 square feet to the main house and a about another 850 square foot garage/artist studio.  The project is on hold.


Location:  2403 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


A couple with a new baby were considering a voluntary remodel/addition of an existing three story single-family beach front residence.  This remodel/addition consisted of reorganizing the middle floor’s rooms converting the existing master bath and master walk-in closet into a smaller bathroom and a small office; while swapping sides to allow the office to get natural light.  Then on the upper floor create a new master bedroom, master bath/closet (The bath shall be of ample size with double vanity and both a shower and tub), a single bedroom (or two), and a single bathroom; this has two options one within the existing footprint and a second option with a small addition on the existing deck.  These changes were to allow the Master Bedroom to be on the same floor as the child's bedroom/suite.  The project is on hold.


Location:  Round Valley Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


A couple and their twin boys were considering a voluntary remodel/addition of an existing single story single-family Hillside residence.  The scope of the this Study was to find how much square footage would be allowed on the site, along with the height limit for a possible second floor addition and Second floor Garage Studio with new overlay of the new Los Angeles Hillside Mansionization Ordinance (ZI-2415 Baseline Hillside -Ord 181624, eff 5/9/11).


Location:  418 Euclid Street, Santa Monica, CA

Office: Douglas Peters>architect


The client had recently purchased this residence that need modernizing while keeping the Tudor exterior.  The concept was to simply make small strategic revisions to the first floor, while making very small small additions on the second floor.  This would allow for an open concept on the first floor connecting the rear patio/pool to the front secluded front porch and tree lined street.  This would convert a second floor office into a true bedroom, which would add a bedroom.  Also a new additional Master Bath making a true Master Suite with a new eat-in Kitchen.  These small revisions would have made this home updated for a growing family.








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